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The MELSEC Series programmable controllers take control to the next level.

MELSEC Series PLCs always meet your system demands and more, with something to offer for any prospective control system. The enhanced solutions are realized by a wide lineup of Mitsubishi PLCs and network systems.


Modular Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Modular PLC is designed to address medium I/O applications with global standard IEC-61131-3 compatible programming platform. Variety of CPUs with multiple communication options like Modbus, CANopen, GSM/GPRS and Ethernet offer high flexibility in variety of industrial applications. Its multitasking ability makes many complex applications feasible with high reliability and cost effectiveness.

Micro Modular Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

This Micro-Modular PLC integrates all the flexibility of the global IEC-61131-3 programming platform in compact size. Its remarkable ability, power and intelligence makes it versatile and a widely accepted PLC. With its ability of floating point arithmetic, CANopen network and 6 open serial communication ports, it can handle small to medium size control and monitoring applications.

Compact Genius Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Compact Genius PLC is designed to combine the advantages of feature packed box PLCs and flexibility of modular PLCs. Similar to other products in its series, even such a compact PLC supports multiple serial communication options backed by global standard IEC-61131-3 programming platform. With built-in Graphic LCD and multitasking core, it meets the ever-changing control demands of low I/O applications.