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New Trend in Remote I/O Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric India introduces RiX Series Remote I/O Units based on CANopen / DeviceNet / Modbus RTU Fieldbus technology.

RiX Remote I/O Units are designed to be mounted near field elements (e.g. in Junction Boxes & Push Button Panels) for Individual I/O Connection.


  • Auto Network Baud Rate detected by RiX Base Units
  • Programmable I/O Unit
  • Replacement of the Faulty Unit without disturbing the Live Network
  • I/O Error Indication on CPU if Expansion Unit gets disconnected
  • Diagnostics Status LEDs on each Base Unit & Expansion Module

New Trend in Push Button Solution

Mitsubishi Electric India introduces Push Button Stations with compact and sleek design. With various network options available and additional utility I/Os on board, this product is entirely pre-assembled when delivered.


  • Compact and Sleek Design
  • Pre-assembled and Ready-to-use
  • Two Colour (Red and Green) LEDs in each Push Button
  • Built-in Lamp Test and Push Button Test Mode
  • Slide-in Strips for Individual Push Button
  • Additional Utility I/Os on Board
  • IP65 Protection from the Front Side
  • Easily Configurable and Programmable
  • Various Network Options


  • Cost-effective alternative to Conventional Operator Stations where Push Buttons and Lamps need not be fitted and wired individually
  • Easy-to-install, saves time
  • No I/Os and no hassles of wiring Push Buttons and Lamps
  • Built-in Lamp Test and Push Button Test Mode
  • Great flexibility to use each element as Push Button or Lamp or Illuminated Push Button

Rix PB Station Features