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E Series HMI

E-Series is a family of powerful and flexible panel mount Human Machine Interfaces. This family of displays offers a comprehensive line of state-of-the art terminal displays ranging from the basic 2 line backlit LCD keypad to a highly advanced 15 inch TFT Touch screen. Engineered to fit a wide range of applications and budgets. One can easily select from a text or graphical model to solve a multitude of different challenges.

Advance Functions

Dual Driver

The most innovative function ever developed for an HMI terminal is the ability to communicate to two similar or dissimilar devices simultaneously. No other HMI terminal can bridge today's modern system design with virtually any legacy equipment easily and economically. E-Series is the leading HMI for company's seeking platform reduction and HMI standardization.

Advanced IT Functions Web Server, FTP, Email

Terminals in this family utilize many common IT functions once thought to be reserved for Personal Computers. Features like email, Web serving and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allow you to take advantage of the embedded remote maintenance capabilities that these terminals offer. These handy functions can also minimize the need to send out service personnel to trouble-shoot your system. You can practically maintain your machine from anywhere in the world.

Key Features

  1. Recipe Management.
  2. Alarm Management.
  3. Trending / Data Sampling / Data Logging.
  4. Macro Functions.
  5. Password Protection.
  6. Superior Graphic Display Capabilities.
  7. Multiple Language.