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GOT 1000 Series

The growth of your business and the speed of your production depend on many influences out of your control. Whether your focus is centered on uptime, productivity or serviceability, you will always find a GOT solution that fits your machine, factory and enterprise level requirements.

The GOT1000 provides the competitive advantage. The GOT1000 family includes a wide range of models in five product families. This offers a solution for any system or budget requirement.

GT16 Model

High end, all-in-one models, packed with multimedia functions and a wide range of powerful features, combining video and audio support with integrated communications ports.

User memory capacity:15MB/11MB

USB host and USB device ports are included.

GT15 Model

High performance models with many innovative functions, ideal for a wide range of applications in a network or standalone environment.

User memory capacity:9MB/5MB.

USB device port is included.

GT14 Model

More than plain visualization

User memory capacity: 9MB.

USB host and USB device ports are included.

GT12 Model

Large basic models with integrated features, providing a cost-effective solution for a wide range of HMI applications.

User memory capacity:6MB.

USB device port is included.

GT11 Model

Small models with a wide range of advanced functions, delivering powerful visualization functions for many applications.

User memory capacity:3MB.

USB device port is included.

GT10 Model

Compact models, but only small in size. They are full of high function capabilities which deliver outstanding benefits.

User memory capacity:3MB/1.5MB/512KB.

Handy GOT

A portable version with extremely easy handling and one-hand-operation, allowing a flexible usage at the respective application.

User memory capacity:15MB.

USB host and USB device ports are included.