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Nexgenie 1000 PLC

New Compact Genius PLC

Keeping in tandem with the ever-changing market demands, Mitsubishi Electric India introduces Nexgenie 1000 PLC with ultra-fast CPU. With a technologically compact design, it is devised for exceptional performance and hassle free functionality. Embedded with innumerable features, it is equipped to address a wide range of industrial applications.

Power Packed Features

Compact – Expandable – Flexible

  • Compact Base Unit packed with 14/16 feature rich I/O points
  • Base Variant Option with DI + AI + HSC Input
  • Expandable up to 80 I/O Points with 4 Expansion Modules
  • Models with or without Visual Access Window (VAW)

Visual Access Window (VAW)

  • Bright Graphics LCD(128x64 Pixels) with White Backlit
  • 64 User Programmable Screens
  • Four Keys for Navigation and Modification
  • 4 levels of Password Protected Access
  • System Status and I/Q/M Monitoring
  • Screen Definition via user friendly Program Configuration Utility

Configurable Analog Input Option

  • Analog Control is made simple with built-in Configurable Analog Inputs Option
  • It supports: - AI (0-10 VDC) / DI (24 VDC)- 4 Inputs and HSC (4 HSC or 1 ABZ Encoder) / DI (24 VDC) - 4 Inputs

High Speed Counters

  • Various Configurable HSC Modes
  • Up to 6 Single Phase Counters-Software Direction Control
  • Up to 2 Quadrature Encoder-(10 KHz) Interfaces
  • Interrupt Events with HSC Compare, Zero Crossing etc.

Connectivity via 2 Serial Ports

Consolidated Storage Space

  • Memory Application: 128 Kb,Data: 28 Kb
  • Storage of complete Project with Comments on CPU
  • Alternate Project backup on External Cassette
  • Password Protection for Application Codes

Real Time Clock (RTC) Based Control

  • RTC based Arithmetic Calculations
  • Time Channel Function with Daily/Weekly Programs

Pre-emptive Multitasking

  • Dynamic handling of High Priority Interrupt Events
  • On-the-fly Event Enable, Disable,POU Assignment Control via Application